Twist Sour by Mammoth Beer (4.2%)


Twist is a kettle sour, meaning it is briefly fermented for 24 hours with Lactobacillus Brevis to create a clean lactic acid tartness, before being sterilised and then fermented with Norweigan-wonder-yeast Kveik Voss. At 4.2%, Twist has a light body that compliments its delicate sourness. This is combined with a healthy addition of British rhubarb for a clean and fruity finish, leaving you wanting another sip. Don’t be deceived by the name sour, Twist is a highly drinkable beer for all times and seasons. We also added some organic hibiscus for a brighter pink colour.

Twist is unfiltered with a natural haze (meaning it is suitable for vegans) and best enjoyed when stored cold and drunk as fresh as possible.