Sozo Nozo DDH Pale by Mammoth (5%)


Our second beer, Sozonozo demonstrates the interpretive power of the human mind.

Sozonozo roughly translates to ‘Imagined Elephant’. The artist who created the original sculptures, found on the Nikko Toshogu Shrine, had never seen an elephant before, so instead sculpted them from a description he was given. Artist Daniel Junsei took these sculptures and adapted them for our cans, adding another reimagining of his own.

This beer is also reimagined. Sozonozo is a pale ale, but more highly charged with hops, malt character, and a more robust 5% abv backbone. Brewed with Norweigan super yeast Voss Kveik which adds subtle stone fruit aromas, the beer is dry-hopped generously with Galaxy and Mosaic hops to give the beer a more full, juicy and tropical aroma. This is supported by a biscuity and velvety malt base of British Maris Otter barley and flaked oats. 

Sozonozo is unfiltered with a natural haze (meaning it is suitable for vegans) and best enjoyed when stored cold and drunk as fresh as possible.