Luck by Mammoth (4.4%)


Yet another lager? Lucky is anything but. 

A seven pointed star is a symbol of luck and has long been associated with warding away evil. Given the association that lager has with mainstream and mass-produced beer, we decided we wanted to use a design that might help guide us through this tricky brewing terrain. Resident artist Dan Junsei took this idea and created a geometric and symmetry-laden design; sleek enough to feel timeless and traditional, yet belying a great level of detail and nuance - much like the beer itself.

Lucky is a modern lager born out of years of brewing experience and cutting-edge microbrewing techniques. Eschewing traditional German and Czech methods of lager brewing, Lucky is fermented with a clean-fermenting yeast Kveik Lutra, a newly discovered yet traditional Norwegian farmhouse yeast strain. This key ingredient gives our lager a sessionable and recognisable character, but with a more simplified process. Lucky is hopped with the American hop Citra for a crisp and enjoyable hop character. This balances the bready lager malt backbone, which is further accented with some Vienna Malt for a more robust and biscuity malt flavour. 

Lucky is unfiltered (meaning it is suitable for vegans) and best enjoyed when stored cold and drunk as fresh as possible.