Chimay Gold (4.8%)


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The Chimay Gold is the new Trappist beer from the famous Belgian brewery.

New is not the proper word to introduce this beer since it exists since the 19th century at least. This beer has long been a privilege for the monks working in the trappist brewery: it was served at their table or offered in compensation for their hard work. Take your chance and taste this elitist beer, and while tasting all its aromas and flavors why not while tasting the cheese of the same name!

When it comes to both the size and the ABV, one will notice that both are not high, it is only sold in 33cl bottles and its capacity of production is limited at 1000 hectoliters per year. The Chimay Gold has an ABV of 4.8°, that means that it is even lighter than a basic Pils, but with all the assets featured by a Trappist.