Brawd Houdini by Cwrw Lynn (4%)


Meic Stevens, the troubadour from Solfach in Pembrokeshire, composed a summery and popular song called ‘Y Brawd Houdini’. The sun is shining through its verses – ‘how about a bottle of ale?’!


Meic has held numerous gigs and attended many festivals in Llŷn, and is an evergreen favourite with all generations. The western seas can always be heard in the distance in his wonderful collection of songs. He lived in Llithfaen for a while, and many of his band come from this area.This is our tribute to Meic the magician – now 70 years old. ‘Iechyd da, Meic’ – many thanks, and rock on.

Alc vol 4%

Bottle 500ml