Welsh Whisperer by Bluestone (4.3%)


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One of Wales’ most popular country entertainers, the Welsh Whisperer’s humorous songs about rural life and all things Welsh have made him one of the busiest in Welsh entertainment. Songs like ‘Ni’n Beilo Nawr,’ ‘The B Road Bandit’, ‘Bois y JCB’ and ‘Loris Mansel Davies’ are the favourites of many from age 8 to 80!

In this collaboration with Bluestone Brewing Co, we have created the cold and crisp ‘Gwd Thing! Celtic Lager’ for all the hard working men and women out there who never stop grafting! Inspired by Welsh country and folk music, being out on the road and living way way out West.

Once you pop the top you just know it’s gonna be a ‘Gwd Thing!’.